What do you eat?

February 25, 2018

I had this question put to me by a client the other day “What do you eat?” my answer was the food


that I recommend to all my clients, basically real food consisting of good quality meats, fish, vegetables, some fruit, eggs, nuts, seeds and natural fats. All the food within the Primal template, with the occasional indulgence that’s not so Primal. “Why?” I asked in return “do you think it would be different from my recommendations?”


Their response “Well it just seems so easy for you, and works well, so just wondering what it was exactly”


I appreciate the comment, but it did open a couple of points that I feel needed reiterating.

It seemed as though my client was looking for the magic formula! There is no magic formula!


Just because I go through my Primal lifestyle without many glitches doesn’t mean that if you copied exactly what I do to the letter it would work for you. This is highlighting the point that there is no one size fits all approach to diet and lifestyle, it is very much a personal thing.


An important point to make is that currently I am not in the pursuit of any particular goal, I’m not trying to lose weight, reduce any health concerns, no competitions to train for or anything else other than just keeping myself fit and healthy long term. I guess we can call this maintenance. Because of this I can probably get away with a few more off plan slips than others (Not that there are many) and be ok. It would be a different storie if I was trying to improve myself in some way.


The other factor is that I have been eating and living this way for a long time now, my body has adapted to the changes I have made along the way, and it’s not a conscious effort to do what I do, it is just that what I do. Yes, I have the occasional slip, but if I do I am very conscious of what it is I’m about to eat and accept that it may make me feel a bit run down or bloated, but it’s the being conscious of my actions that make the difference not shovelling down two packs of crisps and chocolate and thinking “where did that go?”


This post is really trying to hit home the point of what works well for one doesn’t all ways work well for others. Sure, it might well do but you will probably find that you need to make your own changes at some point its all part of the journey.


With all this in mind though I thought I would answer the question in hand, What do I eat?


Obviously, each week is different and each day but I think an overview should help sum it up.

An average day would look something like.


Breakfast: Sometimes nothing at all. But if I do eat it will be something along the cooked breakfast line, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, good quality sausage and the occasional indulgence of black pudding. Perhaps an omelette or some coconut pancakes. My favourite is smoked salmon and scrambled egg.


Lunch: Usually some kind of salad, lots of mixed salad stuff with some kind of protein or avocado, dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Or sometimes leftovers form the nights before dinner.


Dinner: Can vary, and the time to be a little more creative, but can simply be, meat or fish with vegetables of choice, stir fry’s, homemade curry’s, chillies and stews. And if I do have a not so Primal meal it will be at dinner, as if I do “Cheat” it’s usually out somewhere, but I’m still mindful of my choices


Snacks: I rarely snack but if I do its nuts, piece of fruit, cheese or some cold meat from the fridge. Or a cup of homemade bone broth.


This is just a snapshot of a standard day, sometimes I only eat once a day sometimes more but although this works for me it might not be for you.


Keep it Primal





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