Don't call me FAT!

August 28, 2017

When transitioning to a Primal eating strategy it can be hard for people to get their heads around


reintroducing fat into their diet. This is understandable as it goes against everything that people have been told for the last 60 years, fat makes you fat and leads to heart disease high cholesterol and is just bad for you! Those that have read my post before know that this really is not true and that there are many other factors to be considered, the type of fat being one, the real culprits being refined vegetable based oils.


So our indoctrination into not eating fat is one thing however I had an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues recently (A previous guest writer Aiden Smith) and we considered the fact that we call overweight/obese people exactly the same word as what we eat; "FAT".


OK so we all agree that the wobbly bits on someone body are in fact fat stored for times of need, I.E when we don’t have food we have a reserve of energy to use. The problem now we always have food, and food like substances available. But should we be calling these people fat?


We are trying to change people’s mind-set into reintroducing fat into their diet but at the same time they are being called the same thing we are asking them to eat, from anyone’s perspective we can see how this can be a challenge to someone. (Add this mentality with carb/sugar addiction and it make things difficult from the off). An alcoholic try’s to avoid alcohol, a drug addict try’s to avoid drugs so again it’s understandable why someone who is called fat would try and avoid fat


After all fat is a macro nutrient that we consume along with carbohydrates and protein. So although this is highly speculative if we started calling people Carbo’s or Sugarheads would this change their eating habits? Moving them away from the usual mainstream high carbohydrate diet as it implies (and rightly so) that this is where the problem is.


To some up, perhaps we should take a more clinical approach to the language we use when referring to people who carry some extra weight. Simply “obese” or “overweight” may still explain exactly what their condition is without the negative effect of the word FAT and allow them to make changes.


Keep it primal




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