Remember the basics.

August 13, 2017

If you have been following a Primal, Paleo, ancestral approach to your diet for some time I’m sure you will have seen some good results in some way. Weight loss, feeling vibrant and energetic, perhaps you are off medications, whatever it is then its surely helping you and your body in some positive way.


Now there are many ways of falling off the wagon! A holiday comes up and you indulge a little more than you should, a family gathering where the wine gets the better of you, or simply your little treat led to a series of further slip up after you re-stoked the old flames of sugar and refined foods.


All valid reasons that we hear regularly, however an alternative case came to me recently. This person who remains nameless has done incredibly well over the last 6 months, but the last few weeks we have seen a fair number of slip ups occurring. So we asked why?


Before we get to the answer it’s important to know that this person knew exactly where they were going wrong even to the point highlighting the mistakes themselves. After a quite in-depth conversation we concluded that there are some things happening in this person’s life that is taking up a lot of their spare time, a valid reason for not being quite so on the money with the diet as time to plan and prepare food is limited and we all know how important planning ahead is.


And here is where the interesting twist came in; they were trying to be overly complicated with the meals.


When someone first transitions to a Primal eating pattern it usually is very basic with the meal choices usually being a choice of meat or fish with a salad or vegetables. As people get more into it and know the basics then they start experimenting with foods and trying some more technical recipes. This is great, it is giving people more options, keeping things varied and interesting, replacing some of your old favorites with healthy alternatives all the while improving your cookery skills at the same time. However this had the opposite effect in this case.


While trying to squeeze in the planning and preparation into the small amount of time they had available they were also trying to make pretty much every meal a full recipe, a recipe of 10 or more ingredients taking a least 20 minutes to cook, this is great to do if you have time!


The plan moving forward was simple, go back to basics.


Just keep it simple, a steak with sweet potato fries, salmon and mixed vegetables all great tasty and nutritious food that takes no time to just a quick chop and cook through. Don't get dragged into thinking it all has to be complicated, it just need to be real food.


So think back to when you first started and do some of the things you did then particularly when short on time, save the recipes for weekends or  when you can.


Keep it Primal






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