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June 11, 2017

Last week I set you a challenge to try and do at least one week of 100% Primal diet, no slips or treats just perfection on a plate.


With a little planning and thought it should be easy really, you should all know the rules by now if you have been reading this blog for any length of time. So was it easy? Or did life get in the way taking you down the wrong path? If you made it great well done, keep it going. If not I’m sure you have your reasons, forgot to buy your ingredients, didn’t have time, no options available and got caught short. Basically life got in the way; it is the modern world after all.


This does bring me to another question. What is Perfection? What is a 100% Primal diet? If we are looking at a list of rules to follow its simple, cut out all processed food, grains, dairy, legumes, soy, and alcohol. Eating only real food from good sources, vegetables, meat, fish, quality fats, wholesome sustaining and nutritious, simple.


But more importantly the question is; what is perfection for you? I always say that this lifestyle is very specific to the individual, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. And perfection is all about tailoring your diet to your life. The template is exactly that, something to set a foundation to work from depending on your current situation it shouldn’t be a dictatorship that said it does give you a good guideline to work from.


It’s also important to consider where you are on your journey to whatever goal you are working towards. If you are on a weight loss goal then perfection will probably look more like the template set out, however some people will be able to still lose weight and not be perfect. I have clients that still have things they know they shouldn’t but are still moving forward, there will be a point where they probably will have to tighten up the rules a little more if they want to progress but if they are progressing well and still having indulgences is it a problem?


That depends again on what you are trying to get out of this lifestyle approach. Do you want optimal health? If yes then sticking fully to all the guidelines at all times is clearly optimal, avoiding all the problematic foods stuff has to be the way forward. However we do need to consider it is the modern world and things do get in the way.


There is all ways a spectrum of bad to not so bad with the choices you make. A burger restaurant is never going to be a good choice but ordering the burger without the bun or just removing it is a better option. It’s about making the better choice at the time to suit you.


Worrying about having to break the rules is probably more detrimental to your health than the thing you’re eating; it’s probably not doing you any favors but just put it behind you and carry on.


I guess my challenge this week was a little misleading, if you take the template as a marker how you did this week then great it will have been great for you. But what I really wanted to highlight was how important it is to make your own decision in what is a “Perfect” diet for you, if you are operating to the best of your capability, feeling great, and healthy and not 100% to the template then fine that your “Perfect” Just be aware of your own body how it reacts and what things might effect it, that is something only you can do.



Keep it Primal









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