Can you do 100%?

June 4, 2017

I have been working with clients from a Primal perspective for nearly 18 months now, I have seen some great results with people from incredible weight loss, reduced medications, digestive issues resolved and aches and pains disappeared.  


All this and more through a simple dietary shift, ditch the grain, dairy (For three weeks) legumes, soy, sugar, alcohol and processed junk. Simple as a template but simple to do?


Well you would think so, planning ahead cooking in bulk, getting in healthy snacks and avoiding getting caught in situations that may tempt you all help keep you on track. But do you need to be 100% on the money all of the time?


I all ways set out the basic template as an optimal way of moving forward  but the 80/20 is always there as a fall back (See previous post for more on that). I also say that if you are moving forward then a few slips on occasion are not that bad as long as you accept the consequence that may come with it.


And here is the interesting part, as I mentioned above I have seen some great results but I don’t remember one perfect diet diary!  By perfect I mean following all the rules in the template, no slips of any kind. I have had some pretty close but never 100%.


It does prove that it doesn’t have to perfect to be effective, of course it is very individual and some people can get away with more than others. It also depends on where you have come from and what you are trying to achieve.


So I thought I would set you all a challenge this week. Try and do at least one perfect week of food and drink. Stick to all the rules and wright down all you have, and be honest with yourself. No cheats or indulgence just 100% on the money.



Send me your results for approval.


Good luck


Keep it Primal










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