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May 7, 2017

When you make the transition to a Primal lifestyle you will inevitably get some questions into what you’re doing. Hopefully this will come from complements in how well you are doing and people are interested or it may just come up in conversation. Either way there can often be some questions that are asked that are hard to answer. So here is a quick guide to some that might throw you off and how to answer them in the most effective way.


It seems very restrictive?


Looking at it from a mainstream dietary approach it can seem that way, however although we do take certain foods out of the equation it actually allows many other options that wouldn’t normally be there. All the good quality fats add indulgences that are often avoided full fat cream with strawberries, pork crackling and pork belly, steak cooked in garlic butter to name a few, hardly restrictive.


But what about all that fat?


Fat isn’t bad for you if it’s from natural sources. Naturally occurring fats from animal, dairy (If tolerated) nuts, seeds, seafood, avocados, olives and olive oil are all good sources of nutrition and help keep you full for longer. Unnatural refined fats are the real culprits, vegetable oils like rape seed, canola or cotton seed all go through lots of chemical processes and are highly problematic, high omega 6, pro-inflammatory and containing high level of free radicals all contributing to modern health issues.  


But you need your carbohydrates?


It is true that the body does need a certain level of carbohydrate but you don’t have to get it from your food. Your body can produce all that it needs itself, some of our brain cells do need glucose to function although it runs really well on Ketones derived from fat. And we do store Glycogen in the liver for times when a high energy demand is place on us, linking back to the fight or flight response. The tiger jumps out of the bush and you need some high octane fuel to fight it or run away, if you haven’t done either in 15 seconds your dead anyway so there is no need for excess storage of glycogen. There is no essential level of dietary carbohydrate and no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency.


There are too many calories.


Most “Diets” are calorie restrictive in one way or another so the underlying thought process that how many you eat is the key makes sense. However, we more often than not see that calorie restrictive diets do not work long term and in most cases people go back to where they started. At some point they do count, you can overdo a good thing but what is overlooked is that a calorie is not a calorie; it really depends on where it comes from and how it affects you from hormonal perspective. Do we really think that 100 calories from broccoli will have the same effect as 100 calories from a chocolate bar or bag of crisps?


These are just some of the questions that may come up from your friends or family members and I hope you now have some relatively simple answers to back up why you have made the switch to a Primal lifestyle. Obviously there will be many more that may come up, so if you do need an answer then please let me know and I will do my best to give you a response.



Keep it Primal







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