The tides are turning

April 23, 2017


I have been writing this blog for over a year now, discussing many elements of the primal lifestyle with emphasis on getting the diet right before anything else.

Now as I mentioned in my last post there is no one size fits all approach but the simple transition to real food is the bottom line, lowering carbohydrate particularly processed, eating quality meat and seafood and incorporating good quality fats.

Since I have been promoting this lifestyle I have seen incredible results with clients, people who have been following the mainstream advice for years and not getting anywhere are suddenly finding that by changing a few habits things start to happen.

Now I would like to say that this is all because of me! But I humbly say that I am just the middleman, there are others that are way ahead of me in time doing this and knowledge. These are the people that are doing the research, writing the papers and books and working things out. These are the people I listen to and learn from.

This ancestral health movement is growing slowly but surely, however it does get push backs from the mainstream. Thankfully we are slowly seeing changes happen, sugar is getting all the flack it deserves but more still needs to be done. The decline in soft drink consumption is a positive we can take from this and the big companies are clearly noticing this trend and making plans. 

The most recent dietary guidelines no longer have any restrictions on dietary cholesterol and although they don’t definitively state that it is no longer an issue surely the removal of this advice speaks for itself.

Another really positive step is the resent trial of Professor Tim Noakes from South Africa. The Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA)has recently taken action against Tim for unprofessional conduct based on a tweet he wrote to a nursing mother recommending a real food diet to wean her child onto.

Tim Noakes runs the Noakes Foundation trying to change the advice that health professionals across the world give out.

The verdict came back as not guilty on 21st April 2017. He quotes on his website “We fought the battle for the health of all South Africans” said Noakes, “Now you know the truth; that you have been misinformed for 50 years. We all have been and the consequences on our health have been dire."

For me the implication of this is profound, it will hopefully give out a message to not just the South African advisory board but others around the world. Hopefully it will open the eyes of some and allow more people to confidently speak out against the mainstream advice that has clearly gone wrong over the years.

It is still going to be a slow process but hopefully we will see some bigger steps happening in the next few years, as more research comes out and the information gets out there the message will spread and you never know once it does perhaps the powers that be can put their hands up and say “We were wrong”


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