My Primal story

March 5, 2017

I do not presume that you really care about my back story into why I got into the Primal lifestyle however I do think that it would be beneficial for you to know why I believe so strongly in this way of life and how it can have so many benefits for many people.


You may have already heard parts of this story but I hope you still get something from this post.


I have been in the health and fitness industry for around 13 years, I started on this career path as many do with a goal of becoming a personal trainer. I went to Coventry university to study sports science, during this time I gained also my level two gym instructor qualification. After university I began working as an instructor and continued to study for my level three personal trainer award.


I gained more experience working in various gyms and eventually ran my own personal training studio. Over this time I worked with many clients all with different goals, weight loss, muscle growth and general fitness. However at the time I didn't recognise the fact that I had began to doubt my abilities of a trainer, I just wasn't seeing the results with people that I was expecting to.


It is only now with the power of hindsight I could put it down to three possible reasons:


1: I was a bad trainer?

2: The people were not telling me the truth when I asked them how they were eating and exercising?

3: I was giving them the wrong advice?


I have come to the conclusion that number three was the answer. I was only doing what I had been trained to do, telling people to eat a mainstream "Healthy Diet" exercise more and you'll get where you want to be no problem. But this really didn't work in most cases, and I still see it now every day, people slogging away in the gym, eating what they think I healthy and wondering why they are not getting anywhere.


So when did my mindset change?


I was working with one of my clients who happened to lend me book she had come across that she thought I would find interesting. This book was The New Evolution Diet by Professor Art Devany. I read it twice back to back, and when you hear the term "light bulb moment" this was mine! It just made so much sense. It was from here that my journey began, I started to implement the recommended advice, cutting out grains, dairy, legumes etc, really following a true Paleo diet. It was great but just the beginning.


I delved deeper into the what is now commonly known as the Ancestral Health movement (SImply because there are now many more avenues than just Paleo but all have a similar template) I haven't read anything else over the last 5 -6 years than books and articles related to the subject. One thing I really missed, as many do, was the dairy element. Cheese, yogurt etc, so I was pleased to read that some advocates of this movement were not so against it assuming you can tolerate it so I added it back with my fingers crossed and thankfully it doesn't give me any negative effects so is now a part of my diet.


Now remember I wasn't coming at this with any goals in mind, I was in pretty good shape, eating what I thought was healthy and exercising regularly, but although you would probably have put me in the healthy group of the population I can honestly say that I am better shape now than have ever been. I am stronger, leaner and feel more energetic most of the time (Two kids remember). My workouts are more intense and I perform better while doing them, although I do far less than before as I don't need to.


I also very rarely have to use my Asthma inhaler, when I do its generally when I have had something I shouldn't (Usually a few to many real ales, yes even I have my vice!) Before switching to this way of eating I would always have a blast on it before exercise just incase, now I don't have to, I link this to the absence of wheat in my food and many other asthmatics have reported the same thing happening.


It has taken a lot of time and patience to come to what I now feel is my optimal diet,  it's not always perfect but it is the modern world, the 80/20 rule is there for a reason (See previous post for more on this). And although the template is the same, everyone's approach will be slightly different. 


As you know I now work with people using this approach, and I can say that I have been amazed at some of the results I have seen with them. I have had 100% greater results with clients in this last 13 months than the last 13 years of working in the industry and that's mainly just with the dietary shift,


So I wasn't a bad trainer, the clients weren't lying to me (All the time) I was just giving the advice I was trained to give and unfortunately in many cases it just doesn't work. I have seen great changes in myself and others and just hope that I can spread the word further and continue to change people's lives.



Keep it Primal
























































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