Don't just take my word for it.

February 12, 2017

It has been over a year now since I launched my group Primal Nature weekly meet ups, I have seen some great results over the last 12 months, weight loss, reduced medications and people totally turning their life around. 


I have given out this advice, but not just on a hunch, I have been living a Primal lifestyle to some extent for over 5 years and its this experience that has lead me to pass this information on and help as many people as I can reach their health and fitness goals.


Why 5 years?


I was still experimenting and researching myself. Learning the tweaks that need to be made for individuals not everyone has the same experience and not everyone can implement it in the same way. Like most people I came from a mainstream diet, I was probably on what you would call a "healthier" diet compared to many, avoiding processed junk and cooking meals from scratch most of the time but it was still a big jump to where I am now.


This experience has allowed me to understand what others may go through to some extent. Now i'm not saying I have all the answers and I am open and honest when I don't. This is a positive for me, as it means I need to find out and learn more to find the answer, I go back to the books and other sources in this field to see what has come up and how to try to sort things out. 


What I am trying to get at here is that I am a strong believer that If you are giving out advice you need to have either been through it yourself so know how it feels or at least trodden the same path that you are going to put others on. Failing this you must have a strong grasp on the research and science that backs up your advice otherwise it is going to quickly come back to bite you. 


I really appreciate the fact you are taking the time to read this and hope you have read my previous posts and taken some of the information into your lifestyle. However going to the title of this post "Don't take my word for it".


I have worked with lots of people who have taken my advice at face value, trusted me and got some great results, for this I am grateful and pleased they have got where they wanted to be. But I have always said that it is important for them to do their own experiment on what works for them and to also look for more information and learn themselves. What works for one does not work for all, that's when the experience and knowledge really comes in.


My underlying principle has always been to educate people into making the correct choices rather than dictating to them exactly what they should eat week by week, in my experience this rarely works, following a plan is too regimented for most people having the freedom to choose themselves is liberating and makes thing much easier.


To wrap this all up, the advice I give has worked for lots of people but I don't attest to knowing it all, nobody does but there are lots of resources that back up the information that I give out. Along with my own experience, this is where I have learned from, there are people working on a much higher level of this than I, the people on the front line doing the research, digging up the lies and fallacies we have been lead to believe. I am just passing on the message that I am finding to be true and working for so many people.


Please read my testimonials section on the website to hear some of the great improvements that people have made to their lives and visit the resources that I list at the end of the post to help expand your knowledge further.


Keep it Primal





Some of my recommended resources.







Primal Blueprint - Mark Sisson

Primal Body Primal Mind - Noro Geduadas

Eat Bacon Dont Jog - Grant Petterson

The Paleo Cure - Kriss Kressor

Wheat belly - Dr William Davis

Paleo Fitness - Darryl Edwards

Good Calories Bad Calories - Gary Taubes























































































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