Progressive Movement

January 29, 2017

In august 2016 I introduced five basic movements to get you moving more naturally. Simple but effective the, Squat, Press up, Pull up, Crawl and Lunge are all great bodyweight exercises to set a good foundation of strength and mobility to perform more complex movement patterns. Todays post is going to elaborate on the same five movements and explain how you can progress them. (You should be able to easily perform the basic first before trying out these more advanced movements) 


Squat - Hopefully you have been working towards achieving a relaxed seated deep squat position, it should feel comfortable and balanced with performed with little effort. There are many different patterns from here but today I am going to introduce a squat to kneel and lunge transition.  


Starting from the deep squat position allow your weight to move forward towards the balls of your feet then into your toes. When you feel this happen push your hips forward and allow your knees to head towards the floor, the movement should be controlled and fluid. Once the knees touch the floor step one leg through to perform a wide low forward lunge pause for a second then reverse the movement then lift the knees and transfer your weight back to the heels', finishing in  the deep squat position


This is a great ankle and hip mobility movement and a good way to develop core control. Follow this link for a video, you don't have to perform this with a weight.


Press up - There are many ways to progress a press up, one of the simplest ways is to change your hand position, go wide, narrow, opposite angles, the list is endless. but for an added challenge try adding a knee lift. Perform a basic press up then upon the return bring one knee toward your shoulder, do this with alternate legs after each press up. To make it more challenging hold the knee in high position for a period of time before doing the next rep. 



Pull up - As with the press up varying the hand position is the easiest method of progressing this movement, wide grip, close grip, palms out, palms in or alternate.. However another way of increasing your pull up strength is to slow the movement down. Get to the top and come down as slowly as you can, this is called the negative and can be highly taxing on the muscle.


Crawling - Last time I wrote about the bear crawl, today our progression is the crab crawl. (Yes they are mostly named after animals) Start by sitting on the ground with your feet flat to the ground knees bent, your hand then go behind your back palms down. From here raise your hips so that you are supporting your weight only on your hands and feet. Moving opposite hand to foot at the same time lift and move forward or backwards to propel yourself along in either direction. Visit this link to see a video of me doing the bear crawl, lateral gorilla (coming soon) and the crab crawl. 



Lunge - The lunge is trying to emulate having to move over uneven ground, having to step up high and wide while traversing logs, boulders and streams. We have only worked in a single direction so far with a basic lunge so today's progression is to go to multiple directions


Picture a clock face with you standing right in the middle, the numbers of the clock are surrounding you 12 to the front, 6 to the rear, 3 to the right and 9 to the left, then fill in the gaps. Try to lunge to all twelve directions, stepping back, forwards, sideways and diagonally, make it as random as you can or even have a training partner call out the numbers for you to try and hit. It will become a good cardio workout if you turn up the pace with each other. 




Try adding these movement progressions into your routine, if they are still beyond you then go back and start with the basics. Movement potential is endless but I will continue to add on progessions in the nrear future.


Keep it Primal 




































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