Myth Buster

January 22, 2017

There are many myths that surround the ancestral health movement. There are many variations with subtle differences to the approach but they all promote real food; Primal, Paleo, Lowcarb, Keto and fasting. But despite their subtle differences they all have similar "myths" that come with them.


These myths are sometimes what stop people from even considering making a switch to this lifestyle choice. That's why today I thought I would try and clear some of them up and hopefully convince some of my readers that haven't yet taken the plunge to give it a go.


1 - We are trying to be cavemen. Even if we were it would be impossible, the environment we live in is totally different and even the food that is on the menu is a far cry from food that is available in the wild. Even modern day hunter gatherer tribes still have western influence to some extent. Much of our landscape has changed dramatically expansive ploughed fields have replace lush forests. So in fact we are trying to send signals to our body's to switch on genes that express themselves in a positive way by living as closely to the way our ancestors would have.


2 - The diet is restrictive. At first glance the recommended foods can look this way and can be quite a shock particularly if you're coming from a mainstream diet. However my response is always, yes it does cut out some foods that are on most people's plates but it also opens up a whole new array of foods that are normally not recommended. It also doesn't mean you have to count calories, weigh or measure. With a little planning and thought your food will become much more varied and interesting.


3 - It's a fad diet. Many diets can indeed be dubbed as fad's they disappear just as quickly as they arrive, so if this way of eating really is a fad then it's the longest form of fad i've ever heard of. 200,000 years of modern man eating this way is quite a long time I agree that labels like Paleo, Primal or low-carb can disappear over time but when you take it as an ancestral eating pattern it doesn't matter what the label is.


4 - It's too expensive. I always make the point to eat the best quality food you can afford, high quality pastured raised meat, wild caught fish, organic fresh vegetables Now when you do the maths it does add up to more when you compare it to a mainstream diet approach. Processed food is cheap but it is not nutritious! So if the shopping bill does come to a little more than usual consider it an investment in your health. Also if you can't afford the best then some lesser quality food will still be a better choice than the processed junk. Also using cheaper cuts in soups and stews can give you lots of food for a lot less. Also check out the end of line section in the supermarket you can save a lots of money if you time it right.


5- You're going to be hungry. On lots of diets you can feel hungry, but most are calorie restricted and low fat. Put those in a combination and you are on a losing streak. Eating Primally is very filling and keeps you going for a long time because it's the opposite, no calorie restricting and high in good quality fats. The transition to being good at burning fat can take a few weeks and you may get a few hunger pangs at first as you come off the carbohydrate wagon but a few back up snacks can easily keep you on track. After a while you will find it easy to go without a meal from time to time without any hunger.



Hope this helps clear a few things up.



Keep it Primal






























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