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January 15, 2017

I am always trying to get more movement in throughout the day, lots of little but often movements can all add up, Our modern lives are making us more sedentary and we try to mitigate the lack of movement by visiting the gym, but the gym really is not the first place everyone wants to go after a long day at work and when they do the time spent there really doesn't amount to much. 


So i'm going to give you a sample of movements you can try and put into your life, five when at home and five when at work.


When at home it's more a case of trying to get more varied movements into your day so give these a try.


1. Stair climb - Unless you live in a bungalow the stairs can become a great movement tool. Every time you go up them try to do it differently don't just walk up like you do everyday. Take as many steps as possible, really stretch high put your hands down and try and push through increasing range every time. Crawl, simply get on all fours as you go up, and down if you're strong and brave enough, be safe though! Sprint up as fast as you can. Do these and climbing stairs can be fun.


2. As you walk around your house vary your stride, go as wide as possible even lunge, walk on tiptoes, sideways and backwards.


3.When you're watching the tv get on the floor lie down, change your positions all the time, legs out, tucked under switch around and get as many different positions as you can.


4. When your doing chores exaggerate your movements. Picking up the washing basket, squat down low to get it and lift it high above your head a few times. Balance on one leg when you do the vacuuming or washing up. Crawl between rooms if you're not carrying anything or even roll if you have space.


5. Use the kids. The children will love the fact you're throwing them in the air, balancing them on you feet and rolling around with them and having fun, the time together can be just as beneficial for your movement. Race them, play ball games, skip, climb and jump, be a child again! Do as they do!


At work it can be more difficult to get varied movement in but every little helps.


1. Set a timer, this one is really important if you have an office based job. Set a timer for every half hour to remind you to get up ,even if it's just for a minute or two to stretch and move you body out of the chair shape, do a few squats and even press ups if it's an option


2. As well as a timer use a massage ball or tennis ball to make you fidget, put it under your leg, or bottom on the chair and move it when it gets uncomfortable. It will make you move more but it will also give you the added bonus of myofascial release to some degree. 


3. If you work in an office then use the stairs as much as possible, try and use the tips from the home stairs section if you can but don't but your job on the line.


4. Move on your break, don't go and sit in the cantine, get out in the fresh air and go for a 20 minute walk, get some bodyweight exercises in as you go. You will return to work refreshed, awake and more productive.


5. Walking meeting, just like the last point get up and walk. Try and arrange walking meetings, meet in a park or even just walk around the block with your colleagues, it will be good for them too.


By including any of these ideas into your day at home or work can greatly increase the amount of varied movement you get in you life. And none of them will feel like you're exercising but will all add up to help get you active and more healthy.


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