New year going well?

January 8, 2017

Happy new year to all my readers, I hope you have had a nice time over the festive period and have picked up the Primal stick again and are running with it! If you still haven't quite got back to it then here are a few tips to get you going again and hopefully make 2017 your healthiest year so far.


You still have lots of non Primal foods left over, cake, biscuits and chocolates! They are just too good to throw away and many were actually gifts and you feel bad about doing that. To throw them out does seem a waste but instead why not give them away to other people. You could be the one taking the goodies to the office for once, tempt your colleagues the way they tempt you, you'll soon find they disappear. Or you could donate them to a local food bank or homeless center, anyway you can get rid of them without the guilt of throwing them away is always going to be better than scoffing them down yourself. But if you still can't do that then take the next tip into account.


Make a date to start again. If you still haven't got back on the wagon then make a plan for when you will. A monday is always good, but whenever it is right it down and do it. If you do still have stuff that you really must eat then do it! Get it over with once and for all it's better that way than having it sitting in the cupboard tempting you everytime you open it. Getting rid of temptations is high on the list if you want to do well. Have the final drink, eat the last cookie and plan all the good healthy things that your body is probably crying out for by now.


Do a 3 week reset. Now i'm not normally a fan of setting time frames or challenges as they quite often lead to an over indulgence at the end. Anyone done Dry January before only to go out and get more drunk than ever on the 31st as a reward for not drinking for a month? However I do recommend to all my clients that they do at least 3 weeks of eliminating all processed, grain, dairy and sugary foods to allow the body to reset to a more natural state. Even if you have done the reset stage before it's still a good idea to revisit it after a slip up, it can help eliminate toxins and remind you of how good you used to feel. (If you have done the dairy elimination and reintroduction before with no adverse effect then you don't really have do it again, although it won't hurt) The reset gives you a springboard back on track. 


Plan ahead. This tip always comes up as it is one of the most important aspects of the lifestyle, so I feel it is worth mentioning again. Plan a least a week in advance all the food you will be eating. Go and buy only what you need and stick with the plan. If you are eating out then check the menu online before you go so you know exactly what you can have ahead of time.


Contact me and sign up for a personal package. Having someone on hand for help and advice is really important, the packages I offer on this website are designed to help you if you're just getting started or if you have been on the path for a while and need some extra support. Having some kind of accountability can really make all the difference when making the right food choices. Use the contact tab or more information.


Get back to it! Not really a tip but more of a do it now before you find yourself in March still not quite doing what you know you should, no time like the present!



Keep it Primal



































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