Fat, not all created equal.

December 4, 2016


Fat has had a bad reputation for a long time time now, it is something I have spoken about many times in the time writing this blog. The good news is there are a growing number of people speaking out in the defence of fat and how it can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


These people are up against a lot of push back from health organizations and governments to stop promoting a high fat diet and preach the usual mainstream advice. Tim Noakes has been through a court case to try and strip him of his position, however slowly against all this the message is getting through, Dr Aseem Malhotra has recently been on BBC news talking about the need to change the advice that is currently being given.


This is great news but I do have a small issue. To the uneducated person who is not reading this blog or others like it they can easily think that suddenly fat from all sources is fine. Most people think of burgers, chips, pasties, kababs and cakes, basically a long list of processed junk food, and can easily believe that these foods are back on the good for you menu. Obviously this is not the case but with all the conflicting advice can you blame people for making this mistake.


Lets clear up the difference.


The processed junk food does contain fat, the problem is it comes along with lots of other stuff that is not so good. Quite often they contain Trans fats and hydrogenated fats and these are the bad ones. They are the real culprits that help back up the fat is bad theories.


Good fats are in real food sources, meat, fish, high fat dairy (If tolerated) olive oil, eggs avocado, nuts and seeds. These fats are naturally occurring fats that your body need and thrives on. They can help keep you satiated (Full) for longer and taste great. But they don't come with the other nasty stuff that is often associated with fat that really cause the problems.


The point of this post is to celebrate the fact that fat is back on the menu but hopefully bring home the importance of differentiating between the source of where you get it from, one mistake that led to the demonization of fat in the first place.



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