An unfair opinion of the overweight?

November 20, 2016

You are out shopping with your family when there is a moment of silence. Silent with shock and an almost guilty feeling of looking at the obese person struggling to walk down the highstreet. You pass averting yours eyes when someone says "Did you see that?" or "Why have they let themself get that big?"


First impressions of somebody who is overweight is quite often that they must be lazy overeaters. And you would probably be right, in fact interestingly we all are! From an ancestral point of view we would have conserved as much energy as possible and when food was around and we would have got as much down our throat as we could. This links to the lazy over eater idea, we are actually hardwired to eat lots and move as little as possible and it's this mechanism that has helped us populate the world but unfortunately still with us in this time of abundance.


But surely they will have noticed how big they were getting?


Yes i'm sure they have, but I doubt many overweight people enjoy being that way and the stares and insults will be a constant reminder. And i'm sure many have tried to lose the weight, but with the addictive properties of modern food it is difficult to do. Sugar especially is like a drug, signalling the same pleasure receptors in the brain that drugs do.


On top of this and probably the most important point with all of this is THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE WRONG ADVICE on how to lose weight. People are on the constant yo yo of small loss only to regain the weight and more. Most mainstream dietary approaches boil down to calorie restriction in some way, with exercise as an add on.


It's the advice that I used to give out before, reduce how many calories you are eating and I will work you hard in a PT session, but it really didn't work for many people. The minimal results were frustrating for me, but I was only doing what I was trained to do based on bad advice!


Now I am not saying that switching to a Primal lifestyle is the cure all answer, however I am seeing great results week in week out, I always point out that it is a lifestyle change and not a weight loss fix but the weight loss is an added bonus and it really works. Calories do have an impact at some point but eating real food is the first step. All calories are not equal the hormonal effect on the body is much more important. Sure you can starve for three weeks and lose some weight but your body will soon adapt and the loss will stop, then inevitably return.


So next time you see someone who is overweight and  hear the question "Why are they that big?" don't be so quick to judge, they are probably well aware of their weight problem and have tried many ill advised dietary approaches, But with such bad advice is it really their fault?


Keep it Primal
































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