Guest post, Where did it all begin

October 23, 2016

When did it all begin?


Hello to the readers of! My name is Aidan and I am a personal trainer,

nutritional advisor and follower of the primal nature page. Today I asked to guest write a blog on primal nature as I believe the point I am going to make will be very close to a lot of readers heart and that is the case of when did it all begin?


Now, we’re not talking big bang theory here! We are talking about your health and wellbeing

venture, the very point that you began to take an active interest in your well being. Many people

reading this blog will say the same thing that “I have always had an interest; I have always enjoyed

taking part in sport and physical activity”. But, there are many out there (and I have numerous

clients) who have only recently begun to take an interest in their well being.


So, take a few moments to contemplate when it all began for you? Did you have specific moment

in time that you thought this is the time to seek advice on my health and wellbeing? I can

guarantee everybody reading this blog has had a moment but never really took notice to when it

happened. In my view, the reason for taking the first step is the most powerful weapon in your

arsenal as it is the driving force behind your motivation, determination and willpower when trying

to achieve what was probably without realising your first long term goal.


Wow, we are getting pretty deep here, but let’s continue to look into what motivated you to start

this journey in the first place?


In some cases the motivation would have been aesthetic and not being happy with how you look. In a society dominated with pictures and stories of so called perfect human beings that we almost kid ourselves on what we should actually look like. The pressures of society of becoming the

“perfect” can drive people to great lengths and sometimes extreme lengths in order to achieve perfection.


Some people will have been driven by wellbeing – A feeling inside that something isn’t quite right

and a more wholesome change is needed. Sometimes this comes through an ache, pain or feeling

that things were maybe not as easy as they once were. Wellbeing again is dominated by society

pressures on what our body should feel like, I can pretty much guarantee you can change to a

television marketing channel and find a fitness programme that makes you feel like a new person

and is guaranteed to solve all of your problems.


And some people are just plain bored, and that fine! Tedium is one of the main contributors to the

growing obesity epidemic in this country (in my opinion). I am certain we have all been there on a

Friday night, friends are all out, when the fridge suddenly comes to life and calls you over to

sample some (or all) of the delights within. Tedium can make a person realise that they need to

make a change within their lives and health and wellbeing is normally a solid choice.


But what do all three have in common? They all improve self-worth, and this in my opinion is one

of the key factors of where it all begins. It is a touchy subject because it is a feeling and cannot be

numerically or systematically rated. Your self-worth belongs to you, and is the key ingredient to

keeping yourself motivated through your fitness journey wherever that may take you. Self-worth

generally takes a backseat when it comes to realising your first goal; It is masked behind other

priorities but self-worth drives us to become a better us and adds to our overall well being


And finally, where do I begin? That question only you can answer, whatever it is that is your

motivation let that run free. Whether it is to climb Mount Everest or to climb the stairs that goal is

yours and no-one else’s although it may be small it is the first step towards a new you and

hopefully a happier you. Take advice from people such as Dean of Primal Nature hearing his story

of how he found the primal lifestyle is inspiring but look deeper within yourself set your goal and

find all the ways to build bridges in order for you to achieve it.


Aidan James Smith


Personal Trainer

Nutritional Advisor


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