Why has my progress stopped

October 16, 2016

So you have started on a primal lifestyle, you have lost some weight and feel better than ever, you are well on your way to reaching your goals but the progress has slowed down or even stopped, but why as you are still doing everything the same as before?


I can't guarantee I will answer this exactly for you however these are some of the things you should be able to look into and see if they get you going in the right direction again.


Your weight loss has plateaued.


If weight loss is your goal it can be frustrating when your loss stagnates, but there are a few things to look at before you give up and say its not working.


1- Your not being as good as you think you are! This is where your diet diary can come in handy, Noting down all of the food you eat can really help you see where you might be going wrong, it's easy to overlook any extras you shouldn't be having if you don't write things down. So if you have stopped recording your food start again and see what it may reveal.


2- You are overdoing the fruit and starchy vegetables. Although fruit and starchy vegetables are a good source of nutrients they still come with a sugar/carbohydrate level. Although it is from a natural source it's still processed in the body the same way, Excess of glucose in the blood leads to fat storage, and this could be the reason why your weight loss has stopped. Fruit is probably the first thing to consider, especially fruit like bananas, pineapple and mango. Root veg is great but having sweet potato or squash every day could be slowing you down try and go for the leafy greens like kale, Cabbage or broccoli as they have a lower glycemic impact.


3- You are not eating enough Eating Primal gives you lots of nourishing and satiating foods, the fat content fills you up and keeps you going for long periods of time, but this could mean you are inadvertently restricting your intake. A lack of calories can prompt the body to hold on to stored body fat as it doesn't know when your intake will increase again. (This is the underlying problem with calorie restrictive diets) So although counter intuitive eating some more may actually speed up your weight loss again. Try adding some more good fats to your diet, butter coffee anyone?


Your fitness improvements have slowed down


1- How long have you been doing the same routine? If you have been doing the same since you started it probably needs shaking up a little, whatever modality you choose it needs to be progressed as your improvements increase. The body responds to a new stimulus but it won't improve beyond the level you work with. Any exercise should be a challenge in order to induce a response so progress your weights, speeds and distances.


2- In a similar fashion to the last point you should also change the kind of exercise you do. The body is very good at maintaining a balance and after a period of time of doing the same thing will stagnate. Change your routine or better still don't have a routine, Personally I don't plan what I am doing on any set day, this allows me to go easier or harder depending how I feel and also keeps the body guessing, shocking it into making changes and adaptations.


3- Take your time. Most fitness improvements have a steep increase from the start but then slow down naturally. Much of the initial improvements come from a neuromuscular (Brain to Muscles) connection not a muscular improvement. So have patience and the improvements will continue.


You are losing motivation. 


1- If it's due to the usual reasons see above points and stick with it, you will be glad you did.


2- Look back and see how far you have come already. Check your weight loss records, fitness improvements and how good you feel in comparison to when you started. Seeing this should help reignite the spark and get you moving forward again. 


3- Make a fresh start, Re-evaluate what you want and where you are now. You have seen improvements and know it works so get back to it, maybe go right back to the start three week reset. Start as you mean to go on. 


So if your improvements have slowed down or even stopped then keep at it, a few changes and a little patience can really help. Remember this is not a quick fix, they don't work, it's a lifestyle change and should be long term so stick with it.


Keep it Primal










































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