Breakfast time

September 11, 2016


Breakfast the most important meal of the day? Well that's what we are told and I would agree if you are a sugar burner you need the toast, cereal or danish pastry fast before you feel tired, lethargic and  you get the rumbling tummy just won't go away. 


The word breakfast literally means, to break the fast. A fast being a period of time when you don't consume any food. Obviously you don't eat while you sleep, for ideally 8 hours, so you wake up fasted and as a sugar burner you will need to refuel quickly


I have experienced this myself before I started eating this way, food would be the first thing on my mind upon waking, but now having changed my eating habits and being more efficient at burning fat I can easily skip breakfast and go through to lunch the next day no problem.


Eating primally often leads to eggs of some kind being a staple breakfast, perhaps some bacon, mushrooms and even some high meat percentage good quality sausage all delicious and satisfying but can become a little monotonous


So what else?


Before I give you any ideas let's try and address the breakfast food mentality. If it's not on the list of traditional breakfast foods it can be hard to think about anything else that could possibly be eaten for breakfast. I don't think ancestral man would have worried about what the first meal of the day would be, it would be whatever came to hand first, food is food whatever time of day it is we are just programmed into the breakfast, lunch and dinner mentality.


With all this I have decided to give you some breakfast ideas that will hopefully keep breakfast interesting for you, it may not be the most important meal of the day but it should be good when you have it.


Steak topped with balsamic fried tomatoes.

Fry your steak to your liking, while you rest it heat oil of choice and fry some cherry tomatoes. When they soften and start to crack pour over some good quality balsamic vinegar and continue to cook, it will bubble and spit a little but after a few minutes it will start to coat the tomatoes in a sticky sauce, pour over your steak and enjoy.


Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Simply scramble some eggs in butter or coconut oil and serve with a few slices of smoked salmon, why not serve with a mixed salad. Any other fish can also work, mackerel, sardines or kippers with butter.


Smoked salmon roll ups.

Take slices of smoked salmon and spread with a generous amount of cream cheese and roll into tubes. Prepare the night before for a quick grab and go breakfast.


Sweet potato toast bacon sandwich

Cut a sweet potato lengthwise into half centimeter slices and pop them into a toaster (Yes a toaster) You will have to experiment with the time you need to toast them for but once cooked through you can spread with butter and put some bacon in between for a healthy bacon sandwich.


Banana pancakes

Mash a banana into a soft mush, whisk two eggs and mix with the banana. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and add a ladle full of the mixture, cook until bubbles form on the top and flip to cook the other side. Tip out onto some kitchen towel while you cook the rest of the pancakes. You can also add some almond flour to the mixture to give them a little more texture. Serve with real honey or maple syrup, or roll up with some almond butter on top.



Fruit spread with nut butter

As it sounds, simple.


Fruit and yogurt.

Again simple but great, get some mixed berries, some full fat greek yogurt, some honey and cinnamon on top.


Butter or coconut oil coffee. (Aka Bulletproof coffee)

Brew some ground coffee, and whisk in a tablespoon of real butter or coconut oil, or both.


Any left overs from the night before. 

Who said you can't have curry for breakfast? Or even leftover sunday roast.


I hope these ideas open your mind to trying different things at breakfast time. Give them a try and let me know of any other foods you have for breakfast.


Keep it Primal





Note: Some of the ideas do include dairy so not for those who are intolerant. 









































































































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