Stay Primal on holiday.

July 31, 2016

With the holiday season upon us and having just returned from my own holiday I thought it would be a nice idea to give you some tips on staying Primal while you travel on your well deserved break. It can be tricky but with some forward thinking it can easily be achieved.


Stage 1 the journey.


All trips are different and the mode of transport varies but with the ever important forward planning you can still stay on track.  A car journey is simple get yourself a cool box and fill it with primal approved foods, salads, cold meats, hard boiled eggs, fruit, vegetable sticks, some cheese and nuts and you should have no problem. Other transport can be more tricky, on trains and boats a cool box could still work but a plane can be a little more difficult. Nuts, fruit and vegetable sticks are small and easy to go into your hand luggage but other than that it can be hard. Some airlines will give you a prebooked dietary requirements meal, although look into it early. Another option is to plan a period of fasting. Intermittent fasting can really be a good option however I wouldn't recommend it to be the first time you try it. It can be a slow transition where you build up the length of time you fast for,.everyone is different and there are varied ways in how to approach it. (I will do a future post in more depth on I.F) 


What about movement? If it is a car journey then factor in some rest stops, If your route allows find a park and take a short walk let the kids play on the playground and hang from a tree branch to lengthen your spine, do a few press ups and squats and get the blood moving and muscles firing again, i'm not talking a full workout just move. Trains and boats probably allow you some movement at least on your feet but again its the aircraft that make things hard. Try and be as mobile as you can, be a fidget change positions as often as you can, wrist and ankle rotations, elbow and knee bends, shoulder rolls all can help keep the blood moving. Static isolated contractions can be a good option. Squeeze your fist and tighten all the muscles of your arm and hold for 5 - 10 seconds and repeat a few times using different muscles all through the body.


Your on your holiday.


So you made it you have reached the camsite, hotel or villa without slipping up on, you ate all your prepared food and moved a little, now what? Again varying holidays have varying options so let's address the most common. Self catering, the easiest option to staying on track just do what you always do plan your meals, buy good quality ingredients and cook what you want. If you're eating out get online and look a resturant menus before you visit, check it caters for your eating habits and choose in advance to stop any last minute pressured decisions. Then there is the all inclusive resort, it can be temptation on a plate or a Primal diet dream.A huge variety of dishes to choose from, meats, fish, vegetables and more salad than you have ever seen in one place, you can get some great food without any preparation so make the most of the ease, just don't walk past the pasta and breads section it can be tempting to even the most dedicated Primal advocate.


Alcohol - I,ve done a whole post on this one so I won't repeat myself to much. However we know it's not good for us deep down but we are on holiday right? Well yes but remember that extra glass of wine could be the one that leads you to making bad decisions at the buffet cart and often one mistake leads to another.


Movement - I Personally don't factor in any structured workouts, I use my holiday to give my body a time to fully recover from the workouts I regularly do the rest of the year, however I do walk, swim a little and stay active, have a quick hang from a climbing frame the kids are on, but only to keep things ticking over. As well as squatting, lunging and climbing to search out the treasures on the beach then racing back to show mummy what we have found! Just moving to feel good not trying to reach a new P.B. There are some of you that need to use the gym and I understand, just take a more relaxed attitude towards it.


Don't stress - You are on holiday it should be a relaxing time, don't get hung up on the fact you indulged in a desert you wouldn't have normally had. If you do have a treat enjoy it, be mindful as you eat it and appreciate it, you know it's not great but enjoy the moment.Worrying about how it may have thrown you off is probably more harmful than the cake you're eating.


The journey home


Same as the journey out if you can take you food with you, plan your rest and movement breaks. It gets tricky again with the plane, and the return journey is where I would again consider a fasting period, not only will it keep you away from the fake food on the plane but it will give your body a much needed rest from the over indulgences your most likely had while you were away.


To conclude, a holiday should be exactly that a time for you to relax and take yourself away from the daily grinds. Let your mind, body and soul recover from the physical and mental stresses of life. So go enjoy every minute, indulge if it makes you feel good and get back to it on your return.


Have a good holiday!


Keep it Primal
































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