My thoughts on the Fat is Good media story.

May 24, 2016

When I first heard about this controversial topic being discussed in the mainstream media I thought finally we are getting somewhere. Fat being good is a message I've been trying to spread for a long time. But once my excitement came down I had chance to read some of the articles and my thoughts turned to some of the issues that have come with it.


1: People are confused already by the mainstream advice that has been fed to them for years, this is going to throw people into a spin of which way to turn, and could lead people into problems.


2: The report although mentioning that butter and animal fat as a good source doesn't address the other types of fats that are detrimental to health such as the inflammation inducing processed vegetable oils, vegetable oil based spreads, and hydrogenated fats. Most people don't see a difference and just see fat as fat.


3:I think the carbohydrate story has been missed in the context, although mentioned it has not really been commented  on enough in the bigger picture. I fear that people will think that all fat is fine so let's grab a burger and chips not considering the bread roll, potatoes and quality of fat they are consuming.


4: A counter argument from some has been the cholesterol issue. However these people are behind the times with the latest research into cholesterol, It's a very in depth subject but the reality of it being a problem is really no longer backed up. Even the latest guidelines from the states no longer have a limit on dietary cholesterol.


In summary, I am pleased that this has finally got to the mainstream media, and I hope it opens people's eyes to flawed recommendations for all these years. It's a small step but a least it's in the right direction.


Keep it primal








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